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Richard is the Mayor that Dunedin needs. A long-time admirer of Dunedin and resident here for the last 12 years; Richard will provide strong leadership to lead Council in making Dunedin better with an emphasis on urban development, preservation of our wonderful heritage and the improvement of the city's transport issues.

Richard is well qualified to lead Dunedin into the future having been a self-employed businessman for 30 years, having qualifications in computer and climate sciences, and having studied law, history, transport and urban environments.

Richard believes that the residents of Dunedin have the right to to determine how we should live; our health, our welfare and our future.

We don't want to lose more assets; we lost arguably the best tram system in the world; we don't want to lose more.

Dunedin should be in control of its water (Richard opposes the Three Waters proposal)

Richard for Dunedin's Mayor.

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